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Grand Trines is devoted to Astrological Research that is empirically based.

Geographic Astrology

This discussion uses the term "Geographic Astrology" because, to the author's knowledge, this is a generic term, unlike the Trademarked term "AstroCartoGraphy."

Key Concepts in Geographic Astrology

  • Geographic Astrology is a general discipline, not a Trademarked name
  • AstroCartoGraphy presents a useful series of key concepts and is worthwhile to study and learn
  • Other concepts exist outside of the current framework of AstroCartoGraphy

2D versus 3D

As useful as the AstroCartoGraphy (hereafter, "ACG")  maps are, sometimes another viewpoint can be more useful.  Specifically, ACG maps are two (2) dimensional ("2D").  Three dimensional models ("3D") that can be "spun" on a computer model, can identify points of maximum energy.

What does this mean?  Well, if you are having trouble visualizing what might such a model might look like, find the most convenient globe (you could use a basketball or soccer ball, if necessary).  Find another similar globe to represent the Sun (or the Moon or any other planet). 

Connect the nearest part of one globe to the nearest part of the other globe using a string.  Notice that even if both globes are spinning and moving through space, that at any given time one point on one of the globes (the one that represents the Earth) will be CLOSEST to the other globe.  This particular point could be called a Power Point (a term coined by the webmaster of this site and hereby placed in the public domain and declared not available for trademark).

Power Points are sources of "Easter Eggs."  That is, if a "native" goes there, to a Power Point derived from your birthdata) the chances are good that you will have some kind of major transformative experience.  (Power Points can be located by the freeware software Astrolog.)  Most Power Points are in the ocean (70% of the Earth's surface), so if you have any on land (meaning that you can visit them) then those points can become quite significant.

(What is a "native"?  This is a "variable" that can be any person. representative of an entity (such as a government or corporation), team, vehicle, craft, etc.))

Major Transformative Experiences

Major Transformative Experiences (also a term declared to be public domain) may be "good" or "bad" depending on the value system of the native.  What kind of Major Transformative Experience occurs is also based on timing.  Perhaps the ultimate Major Transformative Experience would be to witness the birth of an avatar.  (Imagine being one of the "three wise men" who "followed the star"....)

If you don't go there, it may come to you.

Sometimes this works in reverse.  Although some points may remain dormant if you don't make the effort to find them, sometimes the "energy" will "come to you."  This energy comes in the form of a Visitor.  (What is a "Visitor"?  This is also a "variable" that can be any person. representative of an entity (such as a government or corporation), team, vehicle, craft, etc.))

If you live in, say, North Carolina, and you have an important Power Point in Japan, then if someone from Japan somehow spontaneously enters your life, even briefly, then consider becoming alert for "interesting opportunities"....



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