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Strategic Astrology
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Grand Trines is devoted to Astrological Research that is empirically based.


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Strategic Astrology

These four articles delineate an oracle system called Strategic Astrology.

Empirically Based Astrology

First, a plug for one of our favorite astrology sites: Cosmic Path.  If you're just learning to do astrological analysis, then Cosmic Path is a great way to check the current aspects.

Empirically based astrology is strongly based in the concept of observing real world events that concur with astrological aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, trine, etc.) or astrological patterns (T, grand trine, grand cross, stellium, etc.).  Emphasis is on the practical.

Getting Started

If you are just getting started in astrology, this is a good site for help.  One of the most difficult aspects (pun intended!) of getting started is knowing where to start.  Below are some searches that should yield using information about the basics of astrological analysis.


As you do your daily analysis, you may wish to compare it to the work of others.  A few useful sites include those of John Derrickson, Adze Mixxe, and Kelli Fox, as well as  Rita Ann Freeman's Personal Daily Transits, Jonathan Cainer's Daily Horoscopes, and Indian Astrology 2000's Moon Sign Forecasts.


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